Debra & Jeffrey Adopt

What first caught my eye with Jeffrey during our first date was his ability to express himself, his love for his children, and his hopes and dreams for the future.  However, he doesn’t just talk, he listens.  He was genuinely interested in what I had to say, what my dreams were for the future.  He then takes those conversations and helps me make those dreams a reality.  He doesn’t judge, he supports me in my pursuits whether it is my teaching, coaching, or hobbies.   Jeffrey makes me laugh.  He puts a smile on my face every day through the small acts of kindness, such as making and writing notes on my lunch.  Jeffrey is a wonderful father.  His daughters, Sophia 13 and Sydney 9, from his first marriage, think the world of their father.  Jeffrey made sure that his daughters feel at home in our house. Their bedrooms are so full of their personalities, you wouldn’t know that they are only with us every other weekend.  Both girls are being taught how to cook, which is Sophia’s favorite activity.  We all play basketball together and go to the beach in the summer.  We also take the girls to museums, the planetarium, the library, and to Home Depot, as the girls love to build things.  However, the girls’ visits aren’t’ just fun and games.  We treat this time like we would if they lived with us.  They still have to make their beds and clean their rooms, and they also have chores to do.