Live! Laugh! Love!

Debra & Jeffrey Adopt

Debra is "My Life". There has not been a day where I wake up every morning without a smile on my face because I am waking up next to Debra. She makes me be the best I can, very hard to put into words but I can tell you I am a better father, son, sibling & husband as result of having Debra in my life. Seeing how my children immediately accepted, respected, liked & now love Debra, further proves the argument of "Nurture vs Nature".  Sydney who is now 9 only remembers Debra as my wife. When I tell you how much she adores, admires & imitates Debra I can only sit back and smile from ear to ear. I will go to the ends of the earth to make Debra a Mother, one of the most admirable titles one can ever possess. I'm Still working on it baby ;)